At Fetch we pride ourselves on being a unique, social, fun  atmosphere. We are climate controlled for year round comfort.

 9000 sq ft indoor/outdoor areas with room to grow as needed.

 Indoor area is customizable to fit every dogs needs. Outdoor is 3  separate yards for fun. Dogs are  always supervised indoors and  outdoors. Someone is here over night for boarding dogs.

      Crossroads Mobile Vet

       Dr. Matthew Pisani


       Our Vet of choice


Louie shelter rescue

Walter shelter rescue

When thinking of a pet,

please visit your local shelter.


We are different & unique, dogs are not kept in a run all day. They play after eating in the morning till noon time when they take a well deserved nap till 2:00. They play again till dinner time.  Always supervised. Staff member on site over night.

we are state Licensed & Inspected.